Plumbers Cost: The Ultimate Guide

 Here you can learn general prices in the Plumbing industry to avoid scams and protect yourself from bad agents.

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Plumbing work is essential to maintain a smooth functioning of all water systems in your house. It is a rare event that a house owner will think in terms of upgrading the state of plumbing in his or her house every few years. No one appreciates the type of work that is done day in and day out by the pipes that transport water to the houses. No one is interested in knowing how the waste water travels out of the houses. It is taken for granted until things start going wrong with the plumbing system.


Why Is Plumbing Work Essential?


When things start going wrong with a plumbing system, repair has to be done swiftly. Water damage can result in a cost that may go up even to thousands of dollars in a matter of few hours. Water leaks could soak up floors, foundations and ceilings. They can cause rotting and result in formation of mold that may make it difficult to live peacefully in your home.  The faster plumbing issues are taken care of, the better it is for you and your wallet. You would have to appreciate that plumbing jobs may come with premium costs attached to them.


Cost Of Average Plumbing Jobs

On an average, a common task like repairing of faucets, bathtubs, sinks or toilets may cost you ranging anywhere from $150 to $450 an hour for typical plumbing jobs like these. Certain plumbers may also take a flat rate based on the overall plumbing job.

The average cost of calling a plumber with specialized equipment in order to tap the source of water leakage would be around one hundred and fifty dollars. It has to be noted that such a charge is only for finding out the pipe that is leaking under a concrete set up. The cost of cutting and ripping up the concrete to do the repairs to the sewer line would be additional. Replacing the concrete will be based on the location of the problem and its ease of access.

The average cost nationally of a major plumbing job would be around two thousand dollars. Such estimates would vary as they depend on specific circumstances the plumber may have to deal with. Estimates normally may not include the damage that the water leakage may have caused to your house property. It should be noted that most insurance policies for homeowners do cover damage caused by water to flooring, carpeting or cabinets. Yet, many policies do not include the cost involved for repairing the leaking pipes. The amount that is deductible before the insurance payment will determine the sum of money you have to shell out.

  • Repair of a clogged drain – $ 200.
  • Installation of a water heater – $885.
  • Repair of a water heater – $480.
  • Installation or repairing of gas pipes – $ 485.
  • Installation of new pipes in the plumbing system – $1,230.
  • Repairing a sump pump – $460.
  • Installing a faucet – $250.
  • Repairing a well pump – $750.
  • Installation of the water main – $1,400.
  • Installation of a septic tank – $4,700.
  • Cleaning and pumping of a septic tank – $380.
  • Repairing a septic tank – $1,500.
  • Cleaning of a sewer line – $275.
  • Repairing a toilet bowl – $200.
  • Repairing a water main – $900.
  • Installation of a water purification and treatment system – $1,500.
  • Repairing a water purification and treatment system – $ 380.
  • Installation of a sewer main – $2,800.
  • Repairing a sewer main – $2,500.
  • Installation of a shower system – $ 3,200.
  • Installation of a bathtub – $2,850.
  • Installation of a shower liner system – $2,500.
  • Repairing a breakage in the drain line – $550.
  • Installation of a sump pump – $1,050.
  • Installation of a water heater that is tank-less – $1,400.
  • Installation of a toilet system – $350.
  • Replacing a well pump – $1,700.
  • Installation of a sink – $700.
  • Removing a water storage tank – $625.
  • Replacing a water holding tank – $1,550.
  • Installation of a solar water heater – $3,150.

What Are Some Of The Stubborn Plumbing Problems That End Up Costing You?

Clogs pose as some of the biggest and costly plumbing problems. They may not always be a serious issue. For example, a toilet that has backed up may require quick work with something like a plunger. Occasionally, common problems with the sink may involve garbage disposal. Many of such problems may be avoided if you are careful with what you put in your sink. You have to consciously avoid celery, corn husks, meat, grease and starchy food. You have to make sure that you run a good amount of water down your drain with many disposables.

Disposal clogs such as the ones found in your toilet could be managed with a plunger. These clogs could get jammed at times. These are areas where you need professional help as it would be highly difficult to handle on your own.

Serious plumbing issues may require not just the replacement of pipes but a whole lot of cutting into the flooring walls. Labor becomes an expensive part of your total

plumbing cost. If a job involves heavy labor of tearing or cutting, it is likely to become more expensive.

Septic And Sewer Problems


Septic problems leave a whole lot of stink behind them. If you have a septic tank or a sewer issue, you have to make sure that you keep your family members away from such leaks and get hold of a plumber as early as you can. This kind of a job needs to be done early and you cannot procrastinate if you do not want further damage to your property. Waste water can result in contamination of the ground water and surface water and your yard will be filled with bacteria before you know it. The repair job may not be a simple one like fixing clogs; it could be a complex matter like replacement of a whole section of a pipe. The major factor in reducing the cost of plumbing here is to act as quickly as you can before a smaller issue blows up into a major one.

Helpful Tips On Bringing Down The Cost Of Plumbing

Professional plumbing help is essential before the kitchen sink will turn into a small waterfall. You cannot think in terms of being penny wise and pound foolish in plumbing matters. Even for non-emergency tasks such as replacement of faucets or movement of a sink in a bathroom, you require help from a professional plumber.

Before you seek plumbing help, it is advisable to get a clear estimate of the total job and keep yourself updated on all problems that may arise during the plumbing job. The quality of the fixtures and their quantity may have an effect on the cost of the plumbing job. The time that it takes to get the job done will also be a major factor. Emergency tasks on holidays, weekends and after-hours will end up costing you more. Many plumbing agencies may charge fees upfront when they show up at your place and on many occasions, these charges may roll into the total cost of renovation after repairs.

You have to keep in mind that choosing the lowest estimate may not always be a smart idea. There may be some plumbing companies that charge low hourly rates but make up heavy on their equipment fees and various other miscellaneous extras that you may not have anticipated. Not all plumbing companies use licensed plumbers. It is fine if the job is not a major one but if the problem is a tricky one, you will be left out with no warranty of the job in case of unlicensed plumbers.

The best way you can go about saving money on a plumbing cost is to consolidate the tasks. If you have a faucet that is leaking in your bathroom since the last few days and you find that your toilet is not flushing properly, you can combine all small jobs and save money for yourself in the long run.