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Plumbing system malfunction could happen at any time. Emergencies will happen at home and a plumbing one can be quite damaging and distressing. A typical plumbing emergency would be broken or frozen pipes, leaking gas or a sewer backup. If you maintain your plumbing system well, it will considerably reduce the chances of a plumbing emergency and disaster will not strike that often. It is essential for you to keep the right numbers of licensed plumbing service providers in your locality so that you are prepared to tackle such plumbing emergencies.



How Necessary Is The Emergency Plumber?

An emergency plumber would come in handy when there is a breakdown of your plumbing system. It is not easy to manage repairs on your own. More than 95% of the time, you will not be able to fix the plumbing problems yourself. It will always be smarter on your part to keep a 24-hour emergency plumbing provider at your call.

You may experience a problem with your wash basin or the kitchen sink. If such a problem occurs on holidays or weekends or after hours, you would need an emergency plumber. This type of a handyman is absolutely necessary for you to fall back on in times of plumbing problems.

Main Reasons Of Plumbing Emergencies And How They Should Be Handled


  • Gas Leak – There are occasions when it is essential to order the services of an emergency plumber. One of the highly challenging occasions is a gas leak. The odor of gas will be the first type of indication that something has gone wrong with the gas pipes. An emergency plumber is needed without a delay as such a leak could end up with an explosion and may bring about serious or fatal injuries to people in the house. The first thing you will have to do when there is a gas leak in your house is to turn off the main valve. As soon as you do that, you would have to ring up the number of the emergency plumber.
  • Malfunction of the heating system – A heating system breakdown during the midst of winter is nothing but a big plumbing emergency. When you have children or elderly people at home, you will need to act fast and call for the services of an emergency plumber. Such a problem cannot be resolved easily on your own. You will have to make sure that the thermostat has not been switched off or maybe turned down, accidentally. You will also have to see if the burner switch has been turned off. Other reasons for the heating system not working could be the tripping of the circuit breaker. You could possibly get the heating to return if you reset this circuit breaker. If you are burning oil, you may check if there is nothing in the tank. After checking all these things, if you are not clear about anything, it is time to call the emergency plumber as fast as you can.
  • Pipes that have burst – When you have a case of pipes that have burst, you have to shut the main valve off before you call for an emergency plumber. If you are not aware of the position of the shut off valve for emergency, the plumber would guide you accordingly. You will have to contact him or her anyway. The plumber should regularly inspect your home and tag the valves if they have to be shut off during an emergency like this.

Qualities You Expect In An “Emergency Plumber Near me”

The emergency plumbing technician that you hire has to be responsive and wholly trustworthy. You need a person who has a quick presence of mind and one who can take proactive measures in emergency cases. Worst plumbing disaster scenarios would involve freezing of pipes or flooding of water and they can seriously do some damage to your property.

You have to rely on a plumber who can offer you round the clock emergency services with just one prompt phone call. The plumber has to be fast in his or her thinking and initiate solutions in quick time to repair the plumbing problems at your home. This cannot be learned from any engineering school or while taking training in plumbing skills. This comes through field experience, hands-on. When a plumber works in various situations, he or she learns to tackle emergency demands. The plumber, therefore, has to have a long history of work experience to back up the technical skills.

It is absolutely necessary that you attend to the frozen pipes without wasting time so that water could be restored in your home. Calling an emergency plumber will help in facilitating such quick restoration and will save you considerable time as well as money, The licensed emergency plumber would have the required experience to get your job done in the right manner and in quick time without wasting this precious commodity.

Water gushing in your backyard is also a sign of big trouble, regardless of the time of year. When a water fixture breaks down, you have to shut off the water supply first to that area. You would need to set aside emergency plumbing services in your locality so that you could fall back on them in times like these and avoid inconvenience to yourself and your family. Whether it is night time, a weekend or a holiday, you have to expect the emergency plumber to be available at all times as a trusted technician. These plumbers are capable of handling emergency gas line issues, stoppages in the sewer lines and replace washing machine hoses if they have burst. They are also capable of attending to bathroom and kitchen drain clogs, overflowing toilets or broken water heaters.


Emergency plumbing services are required in an urban set up to make sure that homes have proper water supply and drain functions. All of us need fresh water to drink and to take bath. This is brought into our homes with the help of pipes. We also need a waste channel to get used water out of our homes and towns without compromising the quality of surrounding waterways. This has been made possible by plumbing services in this age.