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Clogged drains in the bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms could be tough to solve. The major culprits that cause clogged drains could be kitchen waste in combination with grease, family members who have long hair and your family dog getting its bath. All these things would result in clogged drains that could be stubborn. Cleaning of clogged drains is a tough task and it is best left to skilled and licensed plumbing contractors.


Be Wary Of The Products Used For Cleaning Up Clogged Drains Near me


You have to be aware of the fact that there are some products that could pose a hazard to your plumbing pipes. Acidic and caustic drain cleaners should be avoided as a combination when cleaning up the clogged drains. They tend to neutralize each other and they create harmful gas and heat when used in combination. It causes a harmful and vicious eruption from your drains. This combination could also cause serious injury to your eyes and other body tissues. It would also damage your toilets and tubs. Adulterated chemicals will cause holes in the plumbing pipes and will considerably damage fixtures, costing much money to get them replaced. It is, therefore, recommended that you do not try your own hand at cleaning up the clogged drains and rely on the services of a trustworthy plumbing contractor. It is important to note that there are various types of drain cleaning services and products available to select from.

Various Types of Drain CleaningServices

Kitchen drains would automatically clog over a period of time. They will start running slow as soaps, grease, detergents and fats settle on the pipe’s inner walls and start causing the blockage. A plumbing technician who has special skills in kitchen jobs would use a special sink machine to cut through this kind of clog and then remove the waste debris and grease.

Tub and shower drains will pose their own cleaning challenges. The clog culprits here are the buildup of soap and hair in the traps and in the drain pipes. The service technician who is skilled in techniques of shower drain repairs will use special shower and tub drain cleaning machines so that the drains are cleansed of all debris and they will restore the drains back to their original condition.

Drains of the bathroom sinks may also become clogged with toothpaste, grime, hair and soap. Plumbing contractors will provide several bathroom plumbing solutions to take care of such clogging. The technicians will remove the clog and clean the pipe thoroughly so that the sink drains are functioning again like new ones.

Toilet drains get overwhelmed with mostly toilet paper and sanitary napkins. These kinds of problems may be solved with the help of special machines which feed spinning cables into the toilet drains. Such cables have specialized blades loaded with springs on their tip that cut through all types of obstruction when they hug the inside wall of the pipes and clean it thoroughly to restore proper drainage and flush from the toilet bowl.

Floor drains are commonly found in laundry rooms, garages and basements. They are also located on driveways and patios. These types of drains are properly equipped with traps that have to be kept filled with water so that emitted odor is prevented. These traps also help the gas from the sewer from escaping. These drains have to be checked regularly to ensure that they are not clogged and that they are able to carry away the water so that flooding does not occur. Debris and dirt can clog such types of floor drains but plumbers would be able to open them up quickly and restore proper drainage.

Downspout drains are also part of a good plumbing system as they help in channeling water from the roof gutters and take it away from your house. Several of such downspouts are linked to the storm sewer systems of your city through the pipes that have been laid underground. When these pipes get clogged, it will cause a backup. Plumbing contractors will be able to provide technicians who can clean up these downspouts and also their connecting pipes so that flooding is prevented.

Tools Used by Technicians to Clean Clogged Drains

An important tool that is used by plumbers when there is a trouble with clogged drains is the plunger. This tool is a real friend of the plumbers. It helps in clearing clogs from several fixtures and that includes sinks, toilets and tubs. No plumber will be able to function smoothly without a plunger. Another important tool is the cable auger. It helps in dislodging clogs that are situated farther down a drain pipe. It is also known as a plumber’s snake because it is flexible and is a long steel cable that can be wound around a spool and it is fitted with a hand crank. An auger is also available up to lengths that can stretch to a hundred feet. A typical household clog could be handled by even a twenty-five foot cable auger.

Another useful tool is the closet auger which has been designed especially for snaking out the toilets. It also comes equipped with a hand crank. Instead of a spool in the case of a cable auger, the closet auger is cased in a firm shaft. The end of this auger is bent at a fixed angle so that it can fit through tighter curves of toilet traps.

For the larger clogs and those that are placed far from fixtures, plumbing technicians will be equipped with electrically powered augers. These large augers are powered by electric motors and they are effective in cutting through all kinds of clogs. They are particularly helpful in cleaning up clogs that get tangled by tree roots.

Effective Drain Cleaning Solutions Near Me

Common kinds of drain cleaning solutions include bleach, caustic potash and lye. These agents are commonly used in dissolving grease and they clean up drains that are clogged by hair. There are some caustic solids that clean up the drains as a result of their concentration. Certain patented cleaners used by plumbing contractors contain aluminum turnings which will react with water in the drains and they will heat up the caustic blend to boiling point in order to help in the clog removal. Other types of drain cleaners are liquids that contain bacteria cultures and various enzymes. They help in gradually eroding organic material on the pipes which are causing slow drains.


Drain cleaning solutions that are bio-friendly include mechanical cleaners. These are cables with customized heads driven by machines so that they could be inserted into pipes which are affected. The spinning action of the cable heads cuts through the roots of stubborn trees. Licensed and trained plumbers use the technique of high-pressured water jetting to clean pipes. This cannot be handled by you as the water is jetting at speeds up to 4000 psi. A hose with high pressure and a specialized head can be inserted into a pipe that is affected.